I was bored one afternoon and wanted a place to store a
and ended up writing a webscraper and a shell script to go with it and then it all spiraled out of control and now we have this :)
Total flag count as of last commit:


Fixed width: w640 w160 w40 w1280 w80 w20 w2560 w320
Fixed height: h40 h80 h60 h240 h24 h120 h20
There are also svgs: https://flags.komali.dev/svg/{code}.svg

Obtaining the files

If for some reason you'd like to obtain the files locally, you have two options
git clone https://github.com/PrinceKomali/flags
# or
mkdir flags 
cd flags 
curl -sO https://flags.komali.dev/get.sh
bash get.sh # only images


If you wish to contribute please add your additions to get.sh and submit a pull request, or ask me in my discord server

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